February 10, 2007

Woah. My high school’s Quiz Team now has a respectable website of their own, with complete scores dating back to my junior year! (If they want any scores from earlier on, they’re available on my website. Feel free to use them.) Previously, only sports teams got webpages with scoreboards and such. As if Quiz Team weren’t a sport. Pssh.

I really miss doing Quiz Team / Quiz Bowl stuff. Lately things have been too busy for me to attend any Quiz Bowl meetings. I really should start coming regularly again, even if only because I designed their current logo. But nothing beats being one of Uncle John’s Men, and I’m glad they’re still buzzering away the competition.

October 31, 2006

Special to Minh’s Notes from Doug Lim:

On Saturday, the St. Xavier Academic Team (Quiz Team, for those who aren’t into academics – ed.) swept the Greater Catholic Academic League Fall Tournament, winning four matches by an average of 28.26 points. The team received superior games from all of its players. Junior Dan Breyer showed his lightning quick speed throughout the event, while seniors Harrison Lee and AJ Arand proved valuable in the lightning rounds. Seniors Ed Kelly, Jay Kiger, and Doug Lim worked well together in the category rounds, leaving no doubt that the team came prepared to play.

‘We looked good today, although we’re not quite in mid-season form. We looked a little sloppy against Purcell, but we pulled it out. I was happy overall, but I know we can play way better so we can win a state championship this year,’ Kiger said.

The victories ensure St. Xavier a spot in the state regional tournament in April.

The Quiz Team pummeled Roger Bacon 68–23 in the first round, then beat McNicholas 71–46 in the second. After a bye, St. X won a relatively close semifinal match 45–29 against Purcell Marian, later shutting out Chaminade Julienne a comfortable 63–36 in the final to win the tournament. By comparison, the team took on Ursuline in 2004 and beat them by a narrow 11 points.

On the same day, Stanford Quiz Bowl hosted the Fighting Tree Open, the club’s annual intramural trivia tournament, replete with team names that evoked images of class struggle and ’70s rock groups. I didn’t get a special message about this tournament, but you can read a full report at the Daily’s website.

Naturally, I was up to my chin in schoolwork and hadn’t the time to attend either event.

March 8, 2006

Remind me to pay more attention to the St. X website every once and awhile. Today I noticed a well-written article about the Quiz Team’s results from Copley. (I’ve included the news item below, in case it disappears from the school website, which will happen eventually.)

As always, I would’ve liked to come and at least watch them play, but… circumstances dictate that I stay in my room instead and read about the tournament. :^\ Y’know, it’d be real nice if someone on the team took up the task of posting about each match online, on their blog or something. I’ve done it for the past four years, but obviously I can’t do that anymore, unless you want me to make up the scores and questions. I mean, it’s pretty sad that the school’s website normally gives the quiz team a measely paragraph. It’s not as if we need live, streaming webcasts or anything like that: just a simple update on the outcomes each week.

Well, congratulations, guys. You all look pretty happy in that photo they took of you (except for Barber…). Uncle John’s Men: Up State!

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