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Minh Nguyễn
March 2nd, 2005
Quiz Team


Quiz Team dominates Fenwick

The first time I heard about yesterday’s Varsity-only Quiz Team match against Middletown-Fenwick was… yesterday morning. I thought last Tuesday was supposed to be the last of the Quiz Team matches, but according to Elder’s Academic Team schedule, these matches were postponed from back in December, due to a power outage at Cincinnati State. So, naturally, I wasn’t able to come.

But I was able to get a hold of both Andrew Melson and Jay Kiger this afternoon. Andrew’s response:

We dominated! It was 51 to thirtysomething.

One wonders if the Quiz Team knows any word for victory other than “domination.” Kiger’s response was a bit more detailed:

We beat them. We got something like 25 points over them.

We missed all of the American History stuff, and we didn’t get anything for Math either, because Melson forgot how to do arithmetic series – he covered them in second grade or something ridiculous like that.

…Yeah, Weisbrod chided Melson on not getting the arithmetic series.

That works out too – what – 51–26?

You cover arithmetic and geometric series in Algebra II. And you cover geometric series once again in Calculus. True, Melson would’ve had Algebra II in second grade, but the rest of the team should’ve gotten it: it’s pretty easy to remember, and it’s something you encounter on the SAT. Of course, they probably took it out of the New SAT, but I’ll save that topic for another day.

Anyhow, the Varsity team now has a 10–4 record for the season. Ouch. And as always, the JV (Reserve) and 2nd Reserve both finished the season undefeated last Tuesday.