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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015


Last month, I left a job tending orchards in the idyllic foothills of Cupertino, eager to finally paint. I landed at Mapbox, a startup focused on advancing open data and GIS technology. Everyone thinks they know maps: either an unwieldy relic of another era or (heh) a solved problem. But geospatial data is essential to a variety of industries, and smart tools to present and analyze it are going to be a big deal. Mapbox is leading the way, and we’re doing it the right way.

Short-term memory

  1. Mapbox


    A couple weeks ago, I started at Mapbox, a startup focused on advancing open data and GIS technology.

  2. A nation of handouts


    Years ago, I started to collect government-issued road maps, procuring them for free by stopping by roadside welcome centers and signing their guestbooks. Look what happens when I take the collection out of its shoebox.

  3. Hardly knew ye


    If you only know me from this blog, I have been pretty mum about that nine-to-five part of me. Well, today is my last day tending orchards in Cupertino.

  4. Lowercase history


    Among my many roles in the Wikipedia project, I play the part of historian – lowercase historian.

  5. Herding the world’s languages


    The wall of languages at www.wikipedia.org is one of the most frequently accessed series of bits on the Internet, and the whole setup is far simpler than any other portal you’ll visit, every bit as primitive as the design suggests. I’m trying to change that.

The name’s Minh Nguyen, though I style myself Minh Nguyễn, with all the wonderful diacritics. I’m a graduate of St. Columban, St. Xavier, and Stanford, and currently a software developer at Mapbox in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since March 2002, Minh’s Notes has been home to my occasional insights and frequent attempts at humor.