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Minh Nguyễn
December 16th, 2004
Quiz Team



When I reported on the Quiz Team Tuesday, I was not able to provide the Varsity team’s scores. Via a schoolwide announcement yesterday morning, here they are:

The St. X Varsity Quiz Team defeated LaSalle 55–37. They then beat Elder 56–37. (What are the chances that both opponents lost with the same pointage?)


On the Varsity level, this ties St. X with McNicholas for 4th place of 15 schools, having a 2–1 record. Moeller and Ursuline Academy are currently tied for top place with 3–0 records, and St. Ursula is also on top with a 2–0 record, due to postponements.

The JV (1st Reserve) is also tied with McNicholas for 1st place. We hold a 3–0 record which places us first.

In the 2nd Reserve, St. X has a 1–0 record, which ties us with McNicholas, who has a 2–0 record.

For a complete listing of current GCAL standings, courtesy of Mr. Hussong, read on…

Coming attractions

We actually aren’t scheduled to play again until January 4th, when we compete Varsity-only against Ursuline Academy. Of course, because of all the recent delays and postponements, all of this is subject to change.

Greater Cincinnati Academic League
Standings as of 12/14/04

Varsity 1st Reserve 2nd Reserve
Moeller30 St. Xavier30 McNicholas20
Ursuline30 McNicholas30 St. Xavier10
St. Ursula20 Fenwick20 McAuley01
St. Xavier21 Oldenburg20 Moeller02
McNicholas21 Ursuline21
McAuley11 Mercy21
Elder11 McAuley11
Badin11 Purcell Marian11
Purcell Marian11 St. Ursula11
Mt. Notre Dame11 Elder02
Mercy12 Roger Bacon02
Oldenburg12 Mt. Notre Dame02
Fenwick02 Moeller03
Roger Bacon03 LaSalle03


  1. Borris Etta

    Hello again Minh,

    Although I did not get a response(when I was in need of advice) from you yourself, I did recieve a private response from one of your website's visitors, or possibly an employee of yours?

    Anyways, I would like to say that I am very greatful for the response I recieved. It was because of them that I am not back in contact with Lisa. We have started writing each other again and have also talked on the phone a few times. We are now even planning to get together some day soon so that I can meet her daughter.

    Again, I can not stress my gratitude towards this website enough. It has not only helped me solve one of the most painful problems in my life, but has helped me lift that situation up and make it a joyful experience as it once was.

    Thanks again Minh for having such a wonderful community of visitors (or employee's) here to help!

    I wish you all a very happy holiday season!


  2. Chris George

    Hi borris, Im glad that things have worked out for you.