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Minh Nguyễn
January 8th, 2003
Quiz Team


Quiz Team defeats Moeller

Yesterday afternoon, the St. X Quiz Team played Moeller on all three levels.

For years, Moeller has been our team’s chief opponent and rival. Because of this rivalry, room HP302 saw record turnout from both sides. In addition, a dean and a vice principal even showed up, a first for the moderator.

Unlike most “sports”, Academic Team matches do not see much cheering in any form. But the Moeller fans did have one large sign: “Let’s go Moeller!”

This was definitely one of the best Quiz Team matches I have ever participated in. (The Elder match and a couple matches at the Northmont, OH tournament are also favorites of mine.)


  1. Brandon Dodd

    Great job on the acedemic team Minh! I see good things in your future. LOL. I know Moe guys can be so jerky and testosterone hyped. I hate that fact, cause I'm just not like that. So anyway, things are going good on this end, keep in touch!

     – Brandon

  2. Brandon Dodd

    Wow, you entered me 2 times on the links page, I feel so privileged.

     – Brandon