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Minh Nguyễn
January 31st, 2004
Quiz Team


Quiz Team triumphs in Northmont

The Quiz Team participated in the annual NACT today.

In all, I found this tournament worthless. It’s mostly public schools, most of which really aren’t that good. (I mean, they didn’t even have a chance against our pedestrian knowledge of literature!) We and McNicholas are the only GCAL teams in this tournament (I think Roger Bacon dropped out a year or two ago). In addition, they’re engaged in false advertising. They said that, for a price “almost as low as the state tournaments,” we’d…

…get a complimentary breakfast
We had to pay for it. And it was Krispy Kreme – yuck! (Okay, Kreme lovers, flame me…)
…meet friendly people
The only “friendly” thing the organizers did was hold open the door for me.

But there’s more! A lot of the JV rooms didn’t even have buzzer systems in them, so we had to resort to the paleolithic practice of saying team A/B and raising our hands!

And lunch? In previous years, they had pizza and Subby subs, which were very good. And this year? They had pizza again, but you had to pre-order them. That was stated in fine print on the cardboard menu taped to the breakfast table, mind you.

But they also had “walking tacos.” Only one of us knew what those were: a bag of Fritos, opened up (how do you tell if someone tampered with it), with taco beef and cheese in it. Tasted good, but hardly the kind of stuff you’d pay extra to get into the tournament for.

Oh yeah. They also delayed the tournament about 1½-2 hours, so they had to eliminate all the Alphabet Rounds, which made the categorized rounds so much more important, because the Lightening Rounds were only 10 questions each. How do you expect that kind of game to be interesting? I mean, in the GCAL, you get 20 Alphabet Round questions and 30 Lightening Round questions, so that the losing team can steadily make a comeback. That makes things interesting!

The Quiz Team plays McNicholas this Tuesday. And that must be the longest entry I’ve ever posted at In the Meantime.


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