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Minh Nguyễn
February 16th, 2005
Quiz Team


Quiz Team fares well against Mercy, MND

I wasn’t able to attend the Varsity-only Quiz Team matches against Mercy and Mount Notre Dame yesterday, but I caught the gist of it at practice this afternoon.

When I asked Jay Kiger how we fared against the two teams, he laughed, amused that I actually bothered to ask how we did against them. We doubled Mercy’s score, 64–32, and defeated MND 59–29 as well.

The GCAL is in an interesting state of affairs this year. Not only are a large part of the matches Varsity-only; as well, a number of teams are still vying for the top Varsity spot, all of them with not-so-great records.

As of yesterday, Moeller, Ursuline, McNicholas, and St. Xavier all have 11–3 records for the season thus far at the Varstiy level. At the JV and 2nd Reserve levels, St. X is comfortably on top.

This Saturday is the GCAL Spring Tournament, but since we won the Fall Tournament back in October, we weren’t invited to participate. We and the winner of Saturday’s tournament will advance to the state tournament in Copley, which will occur later this year. More word on that later.

Next Tuesday the 22nd will be the final regular-season GCAL match, this one against McNicholas on all three levels. For all you Academic Team historians (who number a whopping three), last year we defeated them twice: once in the NACT by a wide margin, and again the next week in a regular season match, 62–35. At this year’s NACT we scored 57 points against their 41 – a slight victory. McNick is a tough team this year; their Varsity record is tied with ours, 11–3.

See you there.


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