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Minh Nguyễn
January 26th, 2005
Quiz Team


Quiz Team apparently the victor against Badin, Ursula

I was unable to attend yesterday’s Varsity-only Quiz Team matches against Badin and St. Ursula. At practice today, I was able to wring out a few facts on the matches from Bret Seifried.

Basically, it went like this: they won. They defeated one of the teams 75–35, and the other 35–something. That’s all I could get from him. But that’s more than you probably cared about anyways.

The next two GCAL matches are on Tuesday, February 1st. And believe it or not, they’re both Varsity-only – again. We’ll be playing against Roger Bacon and Oldenburg. On the 8th we will play McAuley on all three levels. Finally.

Quiz Team will once again participate in the (always poorly-planned) NACT competition at Northmont High School. I’ll probably post more information tonight.


  1. This Saturday the Quiz Team will participate in the NACT competition at Northmont High School, up near Dayton. Plus: Some scarce details about