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Minh Nguyễn
March 2nd, 2004
Quiz Team


Quiz Team finishes 7–2 at Copely

On Saturday, the Varsity Quiz Team participated in the Copely Invitational. Here’s yesterday’s morning announcement:

The Quiz Team entered the semifinal of the 50 team Copley tournament unbeaten at 7–0 but were unable to prevail finishing 7–2. Along the way they defeated teams from Liberty, Badger, Poland, Northwest, Walsh Jesuit, Lexington, and La Brae. Congratulations to captain Greg Lim, Robert Hohbohm, Larry Stosman, Joe Knadler, and Brett Seifried for a fine tournament. …

Mr. Hussong is planning to complain at a meeting soon, regarding one of the schools’ apparent attempt to exploit Copely’s rules. According to the Varsity team members, one of the schools consistently buzzed in as soon as three seconds into the question, spend many seconds conferring, then finally answered. This practice is explicitly prohibited in the GCAL, but not at Copely. In fact, at today’s game against Elder (details following), Mr. Sunderhaus discounted one of Elder’s toss-up answers, because one of the team members rang in, and another answered first. Mr. Hussong intends to prevent the same thing from happening at the state tournament later on.