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Minh Nguyễn
November 12th, 2003
Quiz Team


Quiz Team defeats Hamilton–Badin

Yesterday afternoon, the St. X Quiz Team played its first regular season match against the Badin Academic Team at the Cincinnati State HPB. Badin had only a Varsity team, against whom Greg Lim, Larry Stosman, Robert Hohbohm, and Joe Knadler played, with Mike Knadler and me substituting. We beat them 33–68.

I’m still kicking myself over the question I almost answered correctly: How many digits are in a Social Security number? (Answer) I forgot as soon as the moderator called on me. Oh well, it was only one point.

We play McAuley next Tuesday, and Moeller in two weeks. I’m expecting the lot of you to be at the Moeller game to support us. (Brandon, you can come to support Moeller, if you want. )