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Minh Nguyễn
January 21st, 2004
Quiz Team


Quiz Team “triumphs” over Oldenburg

…That’s what the announcements read this morning, anyhow. Yesterday afternoon, St. X Quiz Team played Oldenburg High School of Oldenburg, Indiana (sorry, no webpage to link to).

The moderator was hilarious. He also had some great ideas for new rules, such as:

If a team answers a team question incorrectly, the other team may answer the question for a point [true so far]… or they may resort to a physical challenge.


Note: Scores are according to the daily announcements. These scores conflict with my notes, but the announcement is written my our moderator, who has more authority on the matter.

We play LaSalle next Tuesday.

Starting tonight, I’m going to provide you with a lot more sample questions. These questions expand the small selection of questions that I used to offer; now, you’ll get both Varsity and JV questions. Read on for the questions…

  1. Team question, American Literature:

    The incomplete title of a Hemmingway short story will be given to you, and you must correctly fill in the blanks:

    Hills Like _______ _______.

  2. Team question, World History:

    Where is Modern Turkey’s capital since its founding by Atatürk in 1923?

  3. Team question, World History:

    Name one of the two countries that boycotted the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul, South Korea.

  4. Team question, Life Science:

    What is the term for the study of blood and its disorders?

  5. Team question, English/World Literature:

    What monarch does Macbeth kill in Act Ⅱ, Scene 3 of Macbeth?

  6. Team question, World Geography:

    Information on the geographic center and capital of a US state will be given to you, and you will have to correctly name the state that information describes:

    A geographic center at Richmond, and a capital at Columbia.

  7. Team question, Physical Science:

    What uppercase Greek letter is used to represent the ohm, the SI base unit of electrical resistance.


And here’s another JV question:

  1. Alphabet Round (answers starting with “J”):

    What world capital was once known as Batavia?