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Minh Nguyễn
September 29th, 2005
Quiz Bowl


Quiz Team results

The title of this entry will undoubtedly be familiar to longtime readers of my blog. From Winter 2002 to Spring of this year, I reported on the scores and standings of Uncle John’s Men (the St. X Quiz Team).

Tonight – remember, I now use PDT, so it’s still nighttime – I attended the Stanford Quiz Bowl team’s first practice. Although I found nearly all of the questions incredibly obscure, I was glad that Stanford doesn’t focus on literature as much as Mr. Hussong did – because literature really wasn’t my thing. Still isn’t.

So… correct answers I gave include John Venn, creator of the beloved Venn diagram; NeverRest (I can’t believe they asked that one); the Wright brothers; and L. Paul Bremer. Questions that others answered incorrectly included Cincinnati as the most populated city in Ohio (correct answer: Columbus) and Andorra has being situated in the “[Spanish] Alps” (Pyrenees).

In high school, I would report on every match with scores, questions, and correct answers. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to report so comprehensively this year, since I might or might not be able to attend matches, and because it’s not yet clear whether the questions are licensed for non-commercial distribution (via this blog, for example).


  1. You’re about to find out more than you ever thought you wanted to know about me…


  1. Trung Nguyen

    Hey, Minh.

    I'm imppressed with your involmnent in the Vietnamese language and computer.

    How is school at Stanford? What is your major?

    Good luck to you.


  2. Stanford is wonderful; I’m very glad I decided to come here. I’m undeclared right now; in fact, we’re not supposed to declare a major this early, and we’re not required to declare until the end of sophomore year or so. Out of curiosity, may I ask how you found my blog?

  3. Hey Minh.

    Just thought I'd tell you that the math department fails by moving me down (from previous comments on a previous thread earlier) but I guess that's pretty irrelevant.

    Oh yeah, did you hear about how we beat the crap out of Elderly Low School so bad that they had to resort to graffiting the natatorium to make up for the fact that their school fails at football? Hilarious.

  4. I thought they already put you in CAIC; how could they move you down from there?! Also, if that graffiti actually happened, that’d be the ultimate irony: many Elder students swim for the Cincinnati Marlins in that very natatorium!

  5. Believe it or not, that's a real photo; Elder's only way of trying to regain manhood after losing atrociously to us.

    Also, I was moved down from high level after a ecch grade in Geometry. Yet, I do almost no work in CAIC(and and equivalent of 6 minutes for studying) and I have a 98. Which shows you that the Math Department had absolutely no idea what they were doing-- I could have at least made an 80 in AB Calc, which is about at the same scale to a 98 in CAIC. Not that this matters much to you, but it's just some information.