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Minh Nguyễn
January 6th, 2005
Quiz Team


(Varsity) Quiz Team defeated once again

Yes, I know, I’m late in posting the results of this week’s Varsity-only match against Ursuline. Maybe it’s just that I’m still coping with our loss.

That’s right. For the second time, we the St. X Quiz Team were defeated. Well, I shouldn’t say “we,” since only a tiny – yet very vocal – minority of the team was allowed to play yesterday.

And for the last time, quit giving me grief about it. I wasn’t even there this time, not even as a driver. Although I did occasionally appear on the Varsity team last year, I’m usually on JV (1st Reserve) these days.

Anyhow, the Varsity team lost 69–75. According to Mr. Hussong:

The questions were easy (reserve-level) and we were beaten in quickness.

Varsity is now 2–2 for the season, with nine matches left. Both the Reserve teams are undefeated thus far: 1st Reserve currently has a 3–0 record, with three more schools to play; 2nd Reserve is 1–0, with two more to play.

Incidentally, I happen to know one of Ursuline’s Academic Team members, Katie Sellers, who went to St. Columban with me. I think she was hoping to see me Tuesday – I haven’t been to SMILE meetings in maybe a year.

I don’t know anyone else from the GCAL, aside from my own teammates. A guy named Andy Thierauf (SP?) once played for Moeller’s team; he went to St. Columban as well. But I haven’t seen him on there since freshman year, so I guess he dropped out.

Getting back to the point, the next match is on January 18th against Purcell Marian. We will play on both the Varsity and JV levels.