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Minh Nguyễn
August 25th, 2005
Planet Xavier


An end to procrastination

Over the summer, I’ve spent a large part of my time making plans for my personal projects (pX in particular), yet I’ve done very little in actually following those plans. That seems to be my style. (Remember all my promises of posting about my mission trips?)

Over the past week, though, I’ve managed to get moving on some of my projects, now that the my Summer of Code project is winding down (the deadline is the 1st, lest I forget). I’ve just finished extending Planet so that you can specify which category of blogs to display for each individual page on Planet Xavier. Previously, Planet had no understanding of categories, so I’m thrilled to have completed this task, since it means that I can now easily separate the alumni blogs from the others at pX.

Assuming, of course, that it all works. I’ve already made a clone of the main entry listing, and I’ll be testing my modifications tonight, so that most people will (presumably) be in bed in case something goes horribly awry – such as those pesky Xanga or MySpace entries creeping up to the top again. In the morning, then, all you freshman and sophomores will no longer see all those alumni posts that you never cared about. Hopefully, that is. If it turns out okay, I’ll generalize the code and contribute it to the Planet codebase.

In the meantime, Six Apart has just released Movable Type 3.2, so I’m going to start working on transitioning to the new version. That way, I can actually make some progress on St. Columban’s redesign.


  1. If you’re reading this weblog without the help of an aggregator, you’ll undoubtedly notice that things are looking quite different. There’s a profound lack of personality around here now. But no, it’s not a redesign.


  1. Let me first say that my own site has plenty of bugs, too. I know how it is to not be able to keep it up to date as much as you'd like to! So I'll start with the bad: several of your main nav links (about, archives, links) are broken on many of your pages. I assume you're a Senior now (you might want to change your About info to have your class year instead of saying I'm a Junior). Finally, your TypeKey login reverts to a FAILED page, but then let's you continue after that. What's your Wikipedia user page?

    The good! I too am trying to concentrate on upgrading to MT soon. I'd really like to use Dreamhost (see this post for a discount). And for your XHTML pleasure: Quick guide to XHTML.

  2. In fact, some of those pages you probably fell upon never even existed! The static parts of my website rarely ever get a refreshing, largely because I’ve got better things to do – such as procrastinating. That’s what this entry’s about, anyhow.

    The About page is one of those things I’m going to completely overhaul. I don’t need a biography on there, so I’m probably just going to give a short and interesting introduction to me, followed by an automatically-generated list of entries from my new About category.

    The “failed” message you were seeing was a bug in TypeKey, I believe; in any event, it’s fixed, now that I’ve gone ahead and upgraded to Movable Type 3.2.

    You can find me on Wikipedia at [[User:Mxn]] or [[vi:User:Mxn]].

    The Dreamhost discount is nice, but I’d really like to spend literally nothing on my website right now, since tuition bills are looming over my shoulder as I type. f2o is a really nice arrangement for me. Though it sometimes has server issues and doesn’t allow crons, it’s the best I can get for free, and the community’s pretty nice.

    I’m not lost on the irony that you called “Quick guide to XHTML” “pleasure.” I started using XHTML on my blog because I intended to include MathML in the Quiz Team results that I used to post. Then my classmates started finding out about my blog, meaning that the majority of my readers were using Internet Explorer. So MathML was no longer feasible, and neither is using a proper MIME type.

    These days, I only use XHTML because, try as I might, my keyboard still keeps spewing out those empty-element slashes. So much for validation.

    Thanks for visiting my site and taking the time to comment!