Minh’s Notes

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Minh Nguyễn
June 20th, 2003



Well, I’m back from a mission trip with my youth group (SMILE) to Delbarton, West Virginia. I met some great people there, including a great boy named Austin , and had a very meaningful time. If I can get around to it later on, I’ll blog more about my experiences, but first, I’ve got a vacation coming up very soon.


  1. Minh’s Notes


    Well, I’ve finally made it back from my mission trip in Pilsen (Chicago, IL). Yes, that’s where I was if you were wondering where I’ve been.

  2. I realize that many of you juniors out there are in the middle of mission trip interviews now. With that in mind, I’ve started to publish here the contents of the little blue journal I kept during my mission trip to Chicago (Pilsen) last summer. ...

  3. Over the summer, I’ve spent a large part of my time making plans for my personal projects (pX in particular), yet I’ve done very little in actually following those plans. Now that ...