Minh’s Notes

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Minh Nguyễn
June 25th, 2004
Pilsen 2004



Well, I’ve finally made it back from my mission trip in Pilsen (Chicago, IL). Yes, that’s where I was if you were wondering where I’ve been.

And I do indeed intend to publish a nice long description of what happened. No, really, I mean it this time [1]. I just need to get a few materials from some others who went on the trip with me.

Plus, I’m thoroughly exhausted.


  1. Last summer, as you may recall, I went on a mission trip with nine other juniors to the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago. This trip wasn’t so much about the work, as it was about the people. One of these people was Gustavo Macias – we li...


  1. LOS GRINGOS!!!! We need to get all the pics

  2. Well, I didn’t bring a camera, so I’m asking anyone who did bring one for photos. Also, I’m trying to get in touch with Stephen Gunn to get the “napkin quotes” he collected.