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Minh Nguyễn
March 29th, 2005
Adobe Atmosphere


Two more weeks…

If you’re looking into getting a free account with f2o, your wait may be almost over:

… we will have more info on new account applications in the next 7-10 days.

(Read the rest of the forum thread.)

I’ve discussed before why some of you might be interested in f2o’s free hosting.

But if you’re anxious for a free account anytime soon, just wait; don’t hold your breath. Back when I beta-tested for Atmosphere, the beta-testing community would always get on the edge of our collective seats for the next beta build.

The usual timeframe that the Atmosphere developers always gave us: two weeks. Always, two weeks. We took it as a synonym for the much more descriptive When It’s Ready™ that the Mozilla core developers always used leading up to 1.0.

Like I said, wait for it and grab it when its available, but don’t hold your breath. Also, subscribe to the newsletter so they can notify you when new accounts are being accepted, so you don’t have to obsessively check their website many times a day, like I do.


  1. Minh’s Notes

    On time

    So as it turned out, f2o, the greatest host I’ve ever known, has kept their word and finally opened up to new free accounts.


  1. your a nerd. :(