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Minh Nguyễn
January 22nd, 2005
Planet Xavier


More waste of space

Eric thinks that he can spite me by taking up all the space on pX, with his KiB list. What he seems to forget is that I decide whether his blog even makes it onto there.

The kibibyte (KiB), by the way, is the binary analogy to the kilometer or kilodegree Celsius (and yes, there is such a thing). I switched to using this unit and its multiples back in August.

So he has prompted me to implement a new policy: truncation. Here’s the rule of thumb: if your post is more than three screens long (using a 1280×800 resolution, since that’s what my monitor’s set to) in 12pt Times New Roman, your post will likely be reduced to a mere title. Furthermore, due to Planet’s current limitations, all your posts will be treated the same way: dwindled down to a brief one-liner.

If you don’t want to get truncated, just use <lj-cut> for goodness sake. Your readers will thank you for it.

Your posts will be restored to their former glory once the offending entries get pushed off the bottom (usually within a day or two). I’ve also come up with a Three-Truncation Rule: if I am forced to truncate three entries within a quarter (or during the entire Summer Break), I will truncate all your posts permanently.


  1. I just collapsed Kurt Olding’s wonderful display of manlihood at pX.

  2. Xangas are now where they belong.

  3. Xanga finally fixed their RSS feeds to include the dates of each post properly. I would say that with no trivial amount of jubilation, except that their fix broke my fix.


  1. bitch

  2. jerk