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Minh Nguyễn
October 26th, 2005
Planet Xavier


Now it’s a problem…

Xanga finally fixed their RSS feeds to include the dates of each post properly. I would say that with no trivial amount of jubilation, except that their fix broke my fix. All those old posts by Rick Coffey and Drew Shick have taken over the world. Again. Back in June, I hacked together a little patch for Planet Xavier, allowing Planet to understand these messed up feeds that Xanga was pumping out. I also made provisions to prevent pX from spewing out all these old entries if and when (really, just if) Xanga was to ever fix their feeds.

It didn’t work.

So, for today only, what’s old is new again, and I’m scrambling to fire up PythonWin so I can undo what I struggled for months to do, way back when. Oh, the joys of not worrying about memory allocation or pointer types in C++ for once… but then I remember: I’ve got a CS problem set due Friday. Argh.

Yeah… things just keep getting worse. Now Josh Lukas’ MySpace blog posts have reappeared en masse, and I have no idea why. What’s worse is that his MySpace posts always screw up pX, because MySpace is lazy when it comes to stripping out HTML.