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Minh Nguyễn
December 7th, 2004


Two moons in your moccasins

Eric Meyer eloquently explains the views of all us “liberals with a homosexual agenda” still reeling from that debate more than a month ago.

Re: “Gays don’t need to get married because they can’t have children.”

If the ability to reproduce is a core tenet of an acceptable marriage, then my marriage to Kat is unacceptable: we are unable to reproduce, and believe me, we did try. Does anyone believe that we should be forcibly divorced, or have our marriage annulled, because of this? Come on, speak up. Alternatively, should all couples who intend to get married be required to undergo fertility testing, with those who fail the testing prohibited from being married? …

Eric acknowledges what many “conservatives” refuse to: that the world is complex. That life is complex.

Life is neither white nor black. (And I’m not even referring to race here. Don’t get me started.) The many follies of humanity that they see are just as commonly expressed in ways that they find completely legitimate:

… if we’re going to talk about things that weaken marriage, I think we should look at the ease with which people get married and divorced in this country. That’s a far bigger threat to the sanctity of marriage than any number of gay marriages could ever be. Britney Spears got married for 55 hours. Apparently that’s more acceptable than a homosexual marriage because she was married to a man, even if for just over two days. Why would it be less acceptable if she were to marry a woman, and stay faithfully committed to that partner for the rest of her life?

That’s what we’ve been trying to say. Unfortunately, it’s much easier to make such assertions in Cleveland than it is in Cincinnati. If red is the color of the GOP, then Cincinnati is a deep maroon.

I recall a book that I once read, that reminded us not to “judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins.” [1] I’m glad Eric had the patience to voice his opinion and cite his experience; not the propaganda of the new religion.

On a somewhat related note, you may want to follow the discussion on “Christianity vs. Catholicism” at Gervase Markham’s blog.


  1. My point is, what would Charlie Brown think about gay marriage? What would Linus say?


  1. Thanks for the links, Minh, and for the words of support. I agree that, when walking around on the streets, it's easier to assert my views in Cleveland than in Cincinnati. Half of one side of the family lives in Cincinnati, in fact, so I get to visit on a semi-regular basis. Have been most of my life.

    But as a perusal of the links to that post and to the original show, it's a different ballgame online, because there I'm saying it in front of everyone who visits my site, regardless of where they live. And my posts have probably cost me some readers, both of the site and buyers of my books. I thought about that before posting, and in the end decided this was too important to stay quiet about. If that means I lose some sales, so be it. Hopefully, people will be able to separate my personal views from my technical competence... hopefully.

    Thanks again for the links!

  2. Ah! I love Walk Two Moons!!! And, I also agree with what you're saying about everything.