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Minh Nguyễn
November 2nd, 2004


Four more years either way

St. X today had a debate between the Young Democrats and Young Republicans clubs. I went there to see a discussion; what I saw was nothing more than a political spectacle. With few exceptions, the debaters either parroted their party’s platform verbatim, or they stood up unprepared and quickly returned to their seat amidst the jeering audience.

When I said last week that the elections had spawned a new religion, I was hoping that people would come to their senses by Election Day, in order to vote responsibly. I am discouraged. If the attitudes of the crowds that packed themselves in the room were any indication of our electorate, the election will not matter. Whatever party “wins” will merely have won the election.

But the election does not matter. What matters is the four more years that we will have to endure under a religiously-elected President.


  1. The Blueprint has broken an unbreakable record: this month’s issue is, believe it or not, more out-of-date than my own LSP

  2. Eric Meyer eloquently explains the views of all us “liberals with a homosexual agenda” still reeling from that debate more than a month ago.

  3. So at around 11:30 at night, I get to the section where I have to list ten words that would describe me. The first word that my pen could come up with for me was, of all things, maverick.

  4. San Francisco is obviously quite different than Cincinnati, but as I’m starting to observe, it’s exactly the same in one irritating way: everyone thinks that everyone has the same political views.


  1. Albert Trinh

    You are sooo right.
    They went off-topic, said the wrong things, wrongly worded themsevles, and essentially disrespected the two parties.
    Wasn't it supposed to be about the parties and not the Presidency?

    Anyway, the "Zoroastrianism" that you were mentioning was certainly created, one party having more than the other but on both sides nontheless. Hope to discuss w/ you later online...