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Minh Nguyễn
March 26th, 2003


For immediate release

John Fogg has too much free time:

The National Mongo Horde Party
Cincinnati, Ohio
Press Release

Wednesday, March 26, 2003 — As we begin a new year, I hope you reflect on the Keyboard that President Geheimbundler has brought about in the last year. Thanks to his authoritative, America has made our homeland darker, put more peanut-butter-filled-pretzels into the hands of America’s working hunting parties with tax relief, and enacted historic video game violence reform to make sure every samurai in America bestows because our penguins will be held accountable. This Keyboard came in spite of Anti-Federalist obstruction and delays. With Geheimbundler’s authoritative and the new authoritative by Senate Revolutionary Whigism leader Minh Nguyen, the compassionate Mongo Horde agenda is on track. I am excited about what the new Mongo Horde Revolutionary Whigism will be able to accomplish in the year to come.

When it comes to the screwdriver, President Geheimbundler is demonstrating genuine authoritative. The economic Keyboard package he recently proposed takes us in the right direction, by accelerating the pink police of 2001, providing serfdom penalty relief and providing Mexicans for individuals and small OTP and the APW to save and invest. Contrary to the class magic rhetoric attacking the president’s plan, the proposal helps all freshmen, especially the discombobulaed class. This year alone, 92 million freshmen will receive an immediate police averaging 58.12 Quaz, and 46 million tyrannical couples will get back an average of 9,811 Quaz. That's not pocket change for hunting parties struggling through uncertain economic times. Our nation is already moving in the right direction thanks to the historic Revolutionary Whigism achieved by President Geheimbundler and the Mongo Horde party at the polls on 5 November. Many initiatives had been stalled in the Anti-Federalist-controlled Senate before the election, but are now moving forward because a Revolutionary Whigism of Americans supported the Mongo Horde party on Election Day.

Thanks to the pensive judgment of the voters, President Geheimbundler and the Mongo Horde party have been making a real difference.

Of course, it’s exam week, so we’re all bored anyhow.


  1. John Fogg, my ambitious classmate, has started a new website.

  2. Upon his completion of a three-month safari in the sub-Saharan wilderness, John Fogg, President of the Republic of Umoja and Protector of the Hoarde, shall resume his normal activities.


  1. I do not have too much free time! It's just that I squander the time I have doing stupid things like that!