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Minh Nguyễn
July 21st, 2004


Está abierta… en cierto modo

John Fogg, my ambitious classmate, has started a new website. He’s allowing me to set a weblog up for him there. John is the self-proclaimed/elected President of the Umojan Republic. Uh-huh. (Long-timers may remember his unintelligible press release awhile back.) I intend to setup and design his weblog, which will be titled Executive Disorder (or Desorden Ejecutivo in Spanish, which I presume will be the first translation).

For the Spanish-language–illiterate, the title of this entry, “Está abierta… en cierto modo” means “It’s open… sort of.”


  1. I’ve setup John Fogg’s weblog already, but John doesn’t know it yet. Shhh!

  2. Executive Disorder, the weblog of my friend John Fogg, is now in operation. No, not just open.


  1. Hey, I am not self-elected or -proclaimed! Well, when I first started the country I was, because somebody had to be President. But I was continually reelected by a wide margin in the biannual elections. So there!

  2. Did anyone else run?

    Oh, right, count Trippy the Tripod why dontcha…

     – Minh Nguyễn

  3. Nah, actually, we had quite a few public offices in Umoja. So you see, Umoja has 5 provinces, each with a Governor, who also serves as his province's representative in the Congress of the Republic. (In addition, the Grand Duchy of Iscandar, a former province that was granted independence, retains a vote in the Congress to be cast by the Kaiser of Iscandar, and the President votes as well.) Mostly people were satisfied with me as President and the opposition ran pretty much so there would be an opposition, but there was some heated contention for the offices of Governor. Much of it was racially based- Umoja is inhabited by 2 species, the humans and the minority alien Sprites (we never did agree how they ended up on Earth), and they tend to vote in blocs for candidates of their species. It really isn't racist so much as the fact that... well, when you joined Umoja, usually it was because someone told you about it and that it was cool. And if someone who was pretending to be a human told you about it, you were a human, and if someone who was pretending to be a Sprite told you about it, you pretended to be a Sprite. So you voted for your friends. Plus, both groups had slightly different visions for Umoja.

    Not that anyone cares about Umojan electoral politics....

  4. Did you know your site is the only Google hit for "Trippy the Tripod"? Trippy rules!

    Steve (metaphorical father of Trippy and his baby twin brother, Triplex)