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Minh Nguyễn
April 1st, 2009


AVIM extension is now AVIM change-around

This morning, Mozilla officially renamed “add-ons” to “change-arounds”. Apparently the move is intended to capitalize on Barack Obama’s campaign for President, which centered around the word “change”.

Add-ons never added to my hard drive’s available space, and the extensions I’ve authored never added to my bottom line. So, though I find the new name a bit awkward, I’m thrilled that Mozilla is finally listening to the more pedantic parts of their user base for once. I just Twittered a Mozilla official, who wished to either remain anonymous or place me under an NDA. He assured me – off the record – that the Internet Explorer team plans to make the same change to their browser interface, possibly as soon as the next Patch Tuesday come-arounds.

Mozilla had planned to rename the feature “Take-outs” – reflecting the subtractive nature of many extensions and themes – and had already commissioned a series of cute Chinese take-out box icons. However, the nearby Lucky Wok restaurant stepped in at the last minute, threatening legal action. “Developers need Chinese take-out for late-night coding sessions,” explained the official, again off the record. “You wouldn’t believe how many bugs we’ve traced back to the presence of pizza or TV dinners in the building. You just don’t get that with moo goo gai pan.”

I’ve just updated AVIM’s website and its listing at Firefox Change-arounds to reflect the change. The Mozilla official fully expects other change-around developers to follow suit. But you didn’t hear it from him.

[Update] After much outcry from such Facebook groups as “I miss OLD Firefox Add-ons!!!11!!”, Mozilla has changed the name back. The fact that it’s now April 2nd must’ve factored into the decision, too.


  1. ba?n na`y ko tu*o*ng thi'ch vo*'i FF 3.5.1

    1. Tôi đang chạy Firefox 3.5.1 và không cảm thấy gì lạ trong AVIM. Bạn có thể miêu tả vấn đề được không? Ngoài ra, bạn đang nói về phần mở rộng AVIM hoặc script avim.js của Đặng Trần Hiếu?

  2. Minh có thể cho mình add địa chỉ Email đuọc không, mình có một số vấn đề về WIKI muốn tham khảo bạn, cám ơn nhiều.


    Hoàng Hiếu.

  3. Hung Nguyen

    Hi Anh Minh,
    Toi khong dung duoc AVIM cho SEAMONKEY. Nho Anh chi cho lam sao install add-on AVIM vo Seamonkey.

    1. Chào bạn, hãy mở lên trang này trong SeaMonkey 2.0 beta, bấm nút “Thêm vào Firefox”, chờ vài giây, và bấm nút “Cài đặt Ngay”. Khởi động lại SeaMonkey.

      Lưu ý rằng AVIM không hỗ trợ được SeaMonkey 1.x vì những hạn chế kỹ thuật.