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Minh Nguyễn
March 8th, 2007
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When I was five

When I was five, I was able to recite the alphabet, write with both hands, speak a smattering of Vietnamese, sing church hymns, and build rather primitive postmodern structures out of colorful, plastic, interconnecting building blocks (read: Legos). Minh’s Notes turns five today, and it still can’t do half that, although I suppose it has a respectable vocabulary.

Parenting tips, anyone?

For a brief rundown of what my site’s been through and how much the times have changed – I can tell you’re already excited – take a gander at last year’s blogiversary entry and my first entry.


  1. Today was the second time that a man stopped me in White Plaza and offered me ten dollars for being an undergrad and wearing a bike helmet at the same time. Plus: f2o, my wonderful host of five years, is calling it quits.


  1. I'm impressed that your blog is 5! Much older than most of the blogs out there. My little one is only 2 years old, and there's still a lot of things to work on!

  2. Congrats Minh. I'm often amazed you still find the time to update the blog and that the content itself is worthwhile for the reader. I seem to suffer from writer's block (blogstipation :D) all too often. Btw what is the total entry count up to?

  3. 735, as advertised on the front page. The entry IDs, however, are up to 1,102 now, since it counts all those drafts I wrote but never published, as well as all the entries that store author data for Planet Xavier. Perhaps you’d be more impressed with the comment count: your comment was number 96,116, including all that comment spam I get.