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Minh Nguyễn
May 11th, 2007


Economic incentive

Today was the second time that a man stopped me in White Plaza and offered me ten dollars for being an undergrad and wearing a bike helmet at the same time. (What’s weirder: the offer, or the fact that I fulfilled both conditions?) For the second time, I declined. The woman in the booth behind him exclaimed, “You don’t want ten dollars?! It’s not a gimmick!”

Nope. I don’t question their legitimacy, but I don’t do it for the money, and regular readers of this blog will know why.

Really astute readers will notice that I’ve completely turned off comments on this blog. It’s the first time since I started the blog in 2002. Before you cry “censorship” – or simply shrug your shoulders because you never cared to comment anyways – I should point out the extenuating circumstances. f2o, my wonderful host of three years, is calling it quits. f2o’s provider, Progressive Networks, apparently decided that offering a charge-free, ad-free, feature-packed hosting service wasn’t economically feasible any more. Well, I can’t blame them. I certainly miss the community that existed before f2o was reincorporated as Progressive, though.

I got the eviction notice two weeks ago, and I have about two weeks left before mxn.f2o.org goes dark. So I’m jumping on the DreamHost bandwagon. It’s the first time in five years that this website actually managed to cost me anything. In the next couple weeks, this site’s content will be transferred, more or less in its entirety, to 1ec5.org. This domain will hopefully redirect there when the time comes. Right now, there’s not much to look at on that end, except for some snide comments about your insistence on using an old Telnet client. But coming soon, there’ll be a whole new Minh’s Notes.

(By which I mean the same old Minh’s Notes.)