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Minh Nguyễn
November 20th, 2006


Never gets old

Phil Todd has the last word on the 360/PS3/Wheeee debate. Me? I like my Super NES, and I can give you 20 logical reasons why it’s the best: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Thwomp, Boo, Goomba, Shy Guy, Koopa Paratroopa, Birdo… okay, that’s only ten, but you get the idea. I don’t care how immersive and photorealistic the egg-throwing gets in Xbox these days, because Yoshi never gets old.

You can still throw eggs in Xbox games, right?


  1. Hey Minh,

    Long time no see! I hope that you are doing well. Chao, Emily Foltz

  2. Phil Todd is a hypo, as he plays XBawks, which is hueg. I still want a Wii though, hands-on stuff sounds fun. But until I get one, I'm up for Habbo raids on the internets. Well, Minh, I'd like to stay and chat, but I gotta let some local Habbo goers know that the "POOL'S CLOSED."

  3. Emily: Hi! Nice to hear from you again. Antar: Uhhh…