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Minh Nguyễn
September 19th, 2005



I’m writing this from a hotel in Moutain View, California, just a few minutes away from my new home at Stanford. It’s really a kind of limbo for me right now: I’ve already left home, which I won’t see for another three months, but I won’t be moving into my dorm until tomorrow morning. All I know is which dorm to report to (Casa Zapata); no one’s been told which room to report to or who they’re rooming with yet. And starting tomorrow I have around two weeks to even decide which courses I’m going to take.

Stanford really procrastinates.

My father is staying with me this week, so that he can consider making the move to Sacramento – we’ll see. Besides my family, the one thing I may really end up missing from Cincinnati is the weather: there’s none to speak of in sunny San Francisco. The warm, breezy weather is really nice, but I know it’ll get real boring real quick. After all, I always got excited when the Cincinnati clouds gathered above us and started to pour down rain. I’m weird like that.

I’ll continue to update this blog, as well as Planet Xavier, as time permits, but I’m going to try and cook up a script that’ll update it automatically. Sitting by the computer all day just to update pX probably isn’t good for my health. And for those who want those pesky ’05 blogs off of pX for goodness sake will get their way… eventually.

A day or two ago, I finally finished my end of St. Columban’s shiny new website. It’s a real improvement over the old one (beware: mucho Java). Now that I’ve designed it and set it up, it’s the parish staff’s job to fill in the blanks. I’m just tech support for them now.

For my few readers who even care, I’ll continue contributing to Wikipedia and its sister projects a little, once I get settled in here. After all, there’s no way I can stop contributing; Wikipedia is addictive.

That’s about it as far as an update.


  1. At my dorm’s first house meeting last night, I was very enthusiastically nominated and elected head of the dorm’s website team. I don’t like that kind of attention, but what bothered me more is that I’ve already gotten a reputat...

  2. Minh’s Notes


    Today we finally got our first precipitation on campus since the day we moved in: it drizzled.

  3. You might be wondering why it’s taken me so incredibly long to finally blog about Planet Xavier’s long-awaited and long-needed redesign. As usual, the answer is procrastination.


  1. Congratulations on making it to my favorite west coast city! If you get the chance sometime, it is worth heading over to the Marin County on the other side of the Golden Gate.

    I'll try and update pX when I get the chance. I know exactly what you mean about the weather here in Cincinnati. Glad to see that you have updated. I've taken a few weeks off myself from posting. Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

    //end disconnected thoughts