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Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
May 14th, 2005



And of course, since no one has even mentioned yet the fact that today is Friday the 13th – possibly because we’ve all gotten over it (nah!) – I’ll chime in right now.

Look up at the date, please. Cringe if you want to. It’s good for you.

There, see? It wasn’t that bad. Now go to bed and wake up refreshed tomorrow morning, Saturday the 14th. I hear that getting out of bed on the right side is All The Rage™ this year.

[Update] Hah! And because this blog still doesn’t understand Daylight Savings Time, it thinks it’s already the 14th. Well, so much for the therapy nonsense above. I guess I can’t laugh at Peter Rother each time his calendar goes amiss.


  1. yesterday was my birthday. k i am out.

  2. Kids, here's a lesson about laying out calendars using two-dimensional arrays and nested looping. Always remember that there are 6 rows and 7 columns in displaying a block calendar. Furthermore, using a decremental operator when computing days of the first week of any given month is typically a bad idea unless if you really like negative numbers. Lastly, it's always a special bonus when you can get the number of days in a month right.

    As for your DST problem Minh, *laughs*. I guess now we're even. Until the next error, I suppose. I posted this at 3:15 AM EST.

  3. Well, the irony is that I managed to get Planet to understand DST, with configurable timezones to boot, after about half an hour of coding. But I couldn’t get MT to understand it, even though I have my timezone now set to UTC-4, Atlantic Time.

    Given that Planet doesn’t provide any interface at all, and that I can’t even consider myself familiar with the Python language, why is it that I find it so hard to get Movable Type to do what I want?

    I’m wondering if MT is for some reason pulling post times straight from the server (a whole can of worms there), instead of going through its own time-calculating libraries.