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Minh Nguyễn
March 19th, 2005
High School


Sports update

So St. X won the game last night. I suppose it was a basketball game? Alright. I tried all yesterday to find out which sport was playing last night, but the only response I got was…


Followed by…

(eerie pause) X! A! V! I! E! Xay-xay-xay-xay-xay…

…followed by a litany of car horns. We didn’t have a pep rally this time, so I couldn’t tell. Seriously. ;^)

Perhaps for the finals, we should use a new cheer I came up with:

♫ Let’s go Bombers…
♫ We can spe-ell…

Anyhow, congratulations to Gibler and Co., and good luck with State.

A note before I get flamed: longtime readers of this weblog will know of my almost-complete apathy towards all things sports. That includes basketball. (For what it’s worth, however, I like to watch World Cup soccer.)


  1. i think u should update this site more because i need to kno wat happens at st x becuz im not there n i want Mihn to be the eyes on wat everyone is doing now at st. x because it has been a while since i talked to Zach, Gus, and Ryan. n im hoping u could ask them can they go on the computer becuz i forgot wat was ur email address so take maria n adriana says hi to all of yous that came to pilsen in the summer of 2004

  2. Hi Gustavo! I try to update when I can find something to write about. That comes out to a few times a week these days.