Minh’s Notes

Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
February 6th, 2003
High School



My school today released the drawings for its planned renovation and expansion. It’s nearly sickening to see what things the school is planning with the money it garners. Plus, although the intent of schools is to educate (academically), the expansion is about ten percent academic or artistic, and the rest is devoted to sports, including a new football stadium, a new track & field stadium (with 80 seats, and room for about 3,200 more), and more. Nuts, I tell you. Nuts. But, of course, I don’t participate in any sports at school; just Quiz Team. Hey, why don’t they build a big, giant Academic Team wing, with a two-story tall statue of a buzzer, just so that we can host our own league? Well, maybe some other time…


  1. Once again, I’m going to continue my monthly tradition of critiquing my school’s official newspaper, the Blueprint.

  2. So St. X won the game last night. I suppose it was a basketball game?