Minh’s Notes

Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
March 3rd, 2003


Expensive Blueprint

Once again, I’m going to continue my monthly tradition of critiquing my school’s official newspaper, the Blueprint. So read on for my review of this de jure school informer…

Planning the St. X of the future

I’ve always been fascinated with news about contruction, so I was pretty much pleased that this article made the front cover. I don’t want to repeat my position about the construction, however. (See the Hinton, Thomas take on new roles

Funny, I almost thought that my Chemistry teacher was becoming the director for the new Department of HumanEnrollment Services. Boy, these people have a knack for making things misleading at first glance.

Swimming takes 25th championship

Move along now…

A right step in the wrong direction

Mr. Parsons seems to agree with me on the issue of the Diversity Day assemblies and meetings:

…the content of the assembly focused on racial humor — all of which was black–white humor. Racism is more than a black–and…white (pardon the pun) issue. …

The fact that we as a society use humor as a defense mechanism when talking about something with which we are uncomfortable, such as race, is a decent argument in support of using the humor approach. However, the fact remains that using humor took away from what the talks could have been. …

Couldn’t agree more.

Brief Points

Yeah, we’re definitely Overprotected:

Okay, maybe we are stupid enough to jump in front of a bus, but did they really have to block off the courtyard with police tape for 3 inches of snow?

Commander “O” loves to show off his police tape, you see.

Margin Of Accuracy

First of all, they need to learn how to capitalize titles correctly. Second of all, they need to realize that red and blue look pretty much the same on a black–and–white page.

Advent of E–courses

In professional journalism, if you can’t get an authentic picture or illustration of a story, use clipart.

Economics will be one of the E–Courses offered.
Note: not actual graphic of E–Course.

Well, that’s nice, and it’s not the first time either. It really just comes off as pathetic to me, really.

And do you really think that someone from here will sign up for a course from, say Elder or Moeller?

Student body down with the sickness

This is pretty old news. I don’t really see why they had to bring this up this late.


My dislike for its position as the de jure, de facto school newspaper, and its use of such a position to push biased journalism. If I were a little less nice, I would equate the paper to Chinese State Television. But that’s too harsh.

Analyzing our obsession with Jacko

His face scares me away. ’Nuff said.

Cooking with Brenty!

We’ve been waiting for this for ages. I hope it’ going to be a regular installment!

New courses let students explore the Magical Interweb

Mr. Odioso’s Jug Room just met its match:

Education is not complete without some form of punishment. Students are subject ot such reprimand for e&ndsah;vading any rule, be it reading e–mail, accessing restricted sites, bringing backpacks into the cafeteria, or leaving their shirts untucked.

Prerequisites: A computer left open to e–mail viruses that automatically upload all contents of the computer to the Top Secret St. X General Knowledge Repository.