Minh’s Notes

Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
February 1st, 2005


The facilitation of learning

As some of you may recall, Mr. Kuhlman has stepped in for Mr. Reuter, who went on sabbatical a couple weeks ago. Mr. Kuhlman has operated under a policy of normalcy: our tests will remain approximately the same, and he’s using Mr. Reuter’s slideshows to present each chapter. But even Mr. Reuter couldn’t confound us this severely!

This morning, he started with the slideshow as usual. But unlike Mr. Reuter, he flipped though the slides at a phenomenal rate: 2 fps. That must make for… some 4,500 wpm! In a combination of CommercialScript BT and Palatino Linotype, no less.

What came next simply blew me away. He flips to one slide relating E to λ, stares at it for three minutes, then finally exclaims:

That kinda makes sense…

And then, two or three slides later, he admits:

Uhh… I don’t get it.

Way to exude confidence, Mr. Kuhlman. Our test is Thursday, and it’s now official: none of us really gets the material.

Mr. Reuter and Mr. Kuhlman never professed to be teachers, however; they are merely learning facilitators. Now, tell me exactly what learning they’re facilitating?


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