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Minh Nguyễn
January 18th, 2005
High School


Even more complication

Since I usually pass by the Principal’s Office each day as I pay my visit to the AP Office (for the homeroom attendance; not because I’m in trouble), I quickly picked up my second quarter schedule, which I’ve reproduced for your reference.

Pat Mulvaney happened to notice my schedule as he was picked up his; he commented quite casually that my mornings will stink. Well, I don’t know; this isn’t much of a change: the only real difference in the morning is that my free period is now taken up by Creative Writing. Oh, and that Mr. Kuhlman has taken over for Mr. Reuter, who’s on sabbatical this semester.

Besides, I always used that free period to read up on news over the Internet. Since the period was before any hard class, the only thing I usually had to do then was to finish reading that EuroLit assignment. But now that I have Creative Writing… we’ll have to wait and see, anyhow.

Anyhow, read on for my new schedule. Changes from last semester are marked in a light yellow, so that Harrison can’t tell what has changed. </insideJoke>

Second Semester
Period Course title Room Instructor
1st AB Calculus (AP) 1526 Miss Joyce A. Vogt
HR 05-G 1506 Mr. “Curious” George A. Beluan ’91
2nd Creative Writing 2508 Mr. John F. Hussong
3rd AP Spanish Language (Spanish Ⅳ) 3518 Mr. Greg L. Lamping ’80
4th AP Physics C 1556 Mr. Bill H. Kuhlman ’63 [1]
5th (lunch)
6th (free)
7th Politics and Religion 3120 Mr. Matt D. Kemper ’91
8th Modern World History 3540 2507 Mr. Geza Parmentier Mr. James H. Ott
  1. Mr. Reuter is on sabbatical; he left after proctoring exams last week.

Of course, this is in addition to participating in the Quiz Team and tutoring with various programs, including the Math Center Tutoring program and the Writing Center Tutoring program at the John F. Hussong English Writing Center. I’ve also expressed my intent to continue tutoring with the Peer Tutoring Program, though I might not be paired up with the hard-working Greg Scruggs anymore…


  1. Mr. Kuhlman has stepped in for Mr. Reuter, who went on sabbatical a couple weeks ago. Mr. Kuhlman has operated under a policy of normalcy: our tests will remain approxi...


  1. That's funny, when I was taking physics last year Mr. Reuter was taking over for Mr. Kuhlman who went on sabbatical. Also, that schedule is not that bad ... more classes in the morning definitely beats more in the afternoon by my book.

  2. Albert Trinh

    Hey, don't worry about Creative Writing.
    Mr. Hussong's the easiest teacher in the world- I managed a 99 this quarter, as a junior. Also, you call that a hard schedule? Ha! ..... nvm, jk