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Minh Nguyễn
January 2nd, 2005
Planet Xavier


In agreement

Justin thinks I should get everyone’s approval before syndicating their blogs at Planet Xavier Beta:

…I would make sure the people represented approved of you putting them up. Some people would rather not have their journals be as widespread as they could become. Personally, I don't know if I want my journal up there. Anyone else from st. x agree with me at all?

(Read Justin’s whole post…)

Actually, Justin, I agree with you. I was just so excited about finally getting Planet to work, that I wanted to pretend that everyone is alright with this. And a lot of the people syndicated probably will be alright with it.

Regardless, I’ve started checking with people I know on AIM and MSN. After all, there may be legal ramifications if I don’t. Starting Monday (tomorrow), I’ll be talking with schoolmates in person.

Hopefully the list of blogs won’t shrink too severely; I’ve already had to delist all Xangas for now. I spent hours today staring at the code, and I’m stuck. Maybe I’ll ask for help at the Planet development mailing list.

If you are being syndicated right now, please let me know as soon as possible, so you won’t get delisted. Planet Xavier can be a very valuable service to the St. X community.

After all, if a group of Sycamore HS friends at LiveJournal attracted the Enquirer’s attention, something like this – which spans across many different services – has the potential to do some good, too.

I was interviewed for the Enquirer story last year, so me and several other St. Xers could’ve been featured instead. But since St. X bloggers were so hard to find, Mr. Johnston had to look elsewhere.


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