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Minh Nguyễn
January 1st, 2005
Planet Xavier



All Xangas have been delisted at Planet Xavier, because their archaic RSS 0.91 feeds don’t properly provide the date of publication, so the feeds always stay on top, polluting the page with entries from a year back in some cases.

Until I have time to modify Planet to parse these feeds correctly, they will remain delisted. All Manila blogs at Aiesec (Michael Moyer’s, namely) have also been delisted for the same reason.

I’ll be working on a bugfix ASAP. This is an opportunity for me to learn a decent amount of Python.

All LiveJournals, Blogger blogs, and independent blogs (like this one) will remain syndicated as before.

Oh, and, a kind note to those still using the horrible Xanga service: please do switch. Xanga uses laughably-antiquated software, and the only thing to the service’s credit is that they are still up and running at all. I highly recommend Blogger, which allows you to completely customize your site anyhow.

Carry on…


  1. Apuntes de Minh


    Todas las bitácoras en Xanga se han omitido en Planeta Javier. Por favor, usa esta situación para cambiar a un mejor servicio.

  2. Justin thinks I should get everyone’s approval before syndicating their blogs at Planet Xavier.

  3. Instead of studying for the Intro to Theology exam like I was supposed to, I decided to upgrade pX to version 1.0.0. So after being delisted for almost two weeks, Xangas will gradually make a ...