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Minh Nguyễn
January 13th, 2005
Planet Xavier


Pardon the sawdust

[Important update] Change of plans: I’m going to relist all the Xangas at the same time. Let’s just get it over with. But all of you will still have to blog these old posts to obscurity.

Instead of studying for the Intro to Theology exam like I was supposed to, I decided to upgrade pX to version 1.0.0 (Scott Remnant’s development branch). I had been using a woefully outdated 0.2 nightly for some reason. Remind me to upgrade my own software before criticizing Xanga’s.

After being delisted for almost two weeks, Xangas will be gradually relisted. Planet now knows how to handle feeds without proper dates, so I’ll give it a whirl – that means no sloppy programming on my part. (Yay!)

Here’s how it’ll work: each day, one Xanga will be relisted, alphabetical by first name. That means Alex Tomlinson’s will be first. (Actually, it’s already been listed.) I’ve relisted all the Xangas at the same time. As was the case before I delisted the Xangas, every entry that Alex’s each Xanga feed contains (all five of them) will be listed on top.

Unlike the previous setup, these posts will eventually be pushed down. I can’t say how long it’ll take; it all depends on how much all of you blog. So I’m counting on each and every one of you to post something every few days. It can be a long as the Litany of Saints, or as short as an elegant little period. I’ve even provided a boilerplate you can use as your update:

There. I updated. Happy now?

Original, isn’t it. :^)

This will be the state of affairs for probably the next month probably every time I list a new blog. I know it’ll be annoying at times, but bear with me; this is well worth it. By the time this whole issue is sorted out, Planet Xavier will be syndicating over 100 blogs!

Until then, please pardon the sawdust.


  1. En vez de estudiar para el examen final de Introducción de Teología como yo debía, decidí actualizar el pX a la versión 1.0.0. Así que después de ser omitido por casi dos semanas, las ...