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Minh Nguyễn
August 25th, 2004
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Random distribution

In the past several days, a few people have posted comments to various entries at this blog – which is really nice to see! But, well, their comments were placed a bit obscurely – for some reason, people keep coming from Google and posting comments to sometimes old, archived, rarely-read entries.

For example, this comment was posted this afternoon to an entry almost three weeks old.

And this comment was also posted this afternoon, this one posted by Steve Mollman (I’ve heard of him many times but don’t know him) to an entry more than a month old.

The problem isn’t so bad with these people as it is with spammers. Every day for the past few months, I’ve had to delete anywhere from five to 35 comments, all mass-posted within 24 hours. You haven’t seen these comments, because MT 3.01D doesn’t immediately publish spam that is posted; I have to approve it first. Which doesn’t happen – I wasn’t born yesterday, thinking my readers need misspelled medication. But spammers, being the busy programs they are, haven’t gotten the memo yet.

I don’t have a problem with people commenting on old entries if it’t on-topic (such as this comment), but if they’re comments about the site in general, I’d prefer that they be posted to recent entries, such as the ones listed on the front page, so others can easily come and read those comments.

Spammers throw out all hope of being on-topic, of course. So I don’t appreciate the spam being posted to randomly selected entries all over this blog. But it’t not like I have to invite the spammers to comment.

I can just blame Google for the mess. :^)


  1. Tonight is a special night: I hereby commemorate the 20,000th comment ever posted at my weblog. And would you guess, it’s spam.