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Minh Nguyễn
August 6th, 2004
High School



I received a packet with tons of information for the upcoming school year this afternoon. Junior year’s over for me, but life’s still getting complicated:

If you’d like to know my schedule, for comparison’s sake, read on…

First Semester
Period Course title Room Instructor
1st AB Calculus (AP) 1526 Miss Joyce A. Vogt
HR 05-G 1506 Mr. “Curious” George A. Beluan ’91
2nd (free)
3rd AP Spanish Language (Spanish Ⅳ) 3518 Mr. Greg L. Lamping ’80
4th AP Physics C 1556 Mr. Fred M. Reuter
5th (lunch)
6th European Literature 2524 Mr. James W. Downie
7th Introduction to Theology (Religion Ⅳ) 1247 [1] Mr. Mike J. Daley
8th (free)
  1. Temporary; will move for 2nd semester within six weeks or so

Of course, this is in addition to participating in the Quiz Team (yes, I will continue publishing weekly updates) and tutoring at the John F. Hussong English Writing Center.


  1. I went and did some errands at school today. It was the usual Book Day, except…

  2. This morning I quickly picked up my second quarter schedule, which I’ve reproduced for your reference. Pat thinks it’s going to be hard, but we’ll have to wait and see. Plus: Changes from last semester are marked in a...


  1. Hi! I got this site from my friend John (Fogg) and this last entry just made me laugh. I, too, know much more about literature from Wishbone. ;-D Hope the rest of the week (and year) goes well!