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Minh Nguyễn
May 19th, 2004



Peter Rother, a Computer Science classmate of mine, has put up his own blog a little while ago. It’s the real thing; not a LiveJournal or Xanga or anything of that sorry sort. What’s more, he’s even built his own CMS for the job.

The similarities between his blog and mine are startling. For one thing, his first post is generated from Lorem Ipsum, just like mine was. And like my site, his site is also under construction (subject to change).

I’m looking for cross-blog discussions in the future, since his site will also support TrackBacks.

As a side note, I’ve found yet another Lorem Ipsum generator – and this one can generate in several different languages, including L33tspeak (not that I in any way endorse using it) and Tokipona!


  1. Peter Rother just redesigned his website/weblog, and it’s looking slick. There was just one problem.


  1. Well, first off, I'd like to thank you for the referral and secondly, I'm impressed with what you've managed to do with your website, let alone in ms publisher!

    1 H0p3 TO K33P 1n T0UcH 4nD I Wi$H i c0Uld 5@Y mor3 bUT r19H+ nOw I'M 8u$y pR09r@MmiN9 4G4IN.
    (sorry, had to do it)

  2. For those sane few who couldn’t – or wouldn’t – figure out what in the world Peter was saying in l33t:

    “I hope to heep in touch and I wish I could say more but right now I'm busy programming again.”

     – Minh