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Minh Nguyễn
April 29th, 2004


Slowing down (to look at all the signs)

Yesterday, I found out that the final elections for Student Body Leadership are tomorrow. (That’s obvious now, of course.) Since I’ve already spelled out in full why I support the Weber/CareFace ’04 campaign, I’ll comment on the campaign signs that have been springing up all over the place. I mean, it looks like swing state politics in Ohio here. Oh wait – it is.

In case you’ve been completely oblivious to the outside world these past few days, I’ll point out that the Weber campaign has honestly been mass-producing these signs. (Most of them are pretty unintelligible, but that’s beside the point – they’re about llamas, for goodness sake.)

The Frericks campaign’s been at it, too. They’ve been hanging up signs with pogs taped to them. Yes, pogs. Then there are those cicada ads. The Frericks campaign is promising that there will be “no more cicadas next year.” Newsflash to those who don’t think that’s an empty promise: cicadas come every year (though maybe not in such great numbers as they’ll come this year).

Another score for the Weber campaign. Vote Weber/CareFace 2004!


  1. Minh’s Notes


    Politics at its best. Weber carries the lowerclassmen and becomes President-elect of the St. Xavier Student Government.

  2. The Blueprint has broken an unbreakable record: this month’s issue is, believe it or not, more out-of-date than my own LSP