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Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
March 24th, 2004


When will I use this in the real world?

When you’re out looking for a job, according to a report from the American Electronics Association. According to the report, the primary reason that companies are increasingly moving tech jobs off-shore is not cheap labor (although that’s obviously an incentive) – it’s that American schools in general aren’t teaching advanced math and science well enough. And the teachers are citing that students don’t see the need for learning it.

Ri-i-i-i-ight… according to the AeA’s senior research manager, “…AeA members are all business owners, not employees…” Businessmen, after all, would like to downplay the role that cheap labor has in the global economy. But it’s there. And it’s costing quite a bit of job security.

Not that I’m for “protectionist legislation,” which would aim to stop outsourcing, though; I’m not so sure, however, that teachers (or most students) are to blame. There is, after all, a reason I keep ending up talking with support technicians in noisy Indian call centers.


  1. Hello,

    I am writing an article regarding "blogging" in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. I need three sources. Hopefully you can be one of them.

    I would just want to know how you first heard about blogging, how/why you became involved in it... and any tips you may have to people who are new to this and would like to create their own weblog.

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback you may have.


    Kristina VanBuskirk
    Reporter, The Sunday Chronicle

  2. Hi Kristina,

    Thank you for asking. I have been a member of the Mozilla community (which makes the web browser Mozilla) for a few years now. A couple years ago, a number of high-profile members in the Mozilla community began writing blogs, and the main community website, mozillaZine, started hosting these blogs.

    When I went to create a personal website around two years ago, I decided to break from the static, “this is me, and here’s some random stuff that I think is funny, and here’s some more” model that most of my friends and classmates used for their websites.

    Blogging is different for each person. The way I blog is much different from the way some of my friends blog; they find it more as a way to vent, or to just express their emotions.

    I guess I view my blogging more as a journalist would. And I try to cater to the interest of my readers (I hope), because I’m not so sure I agree with the philosophy that “everyone deserves to be read.” I frankly don’t think everyone’s blog is that interesting. So I try to make reading my blog somewhat worthwhile. Part of this is updating often (this is exam week for me, so I’ve been behind lately).

    I hope this helps, and that it’s not just some big rambling. But thanks again for asking.

     – Minh