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Minh Nguyễn
March 15th, 2004


Bending over backwards

I find it quite interesting that, after decades of staunch support of Communist philosophy, the Chinese government has just abandoned one of Communism’s most fundamental policies, and has amended the constitution to offer lukewarm support for private property and human rights, with an overwhelming majority in parliament voting for the motion. Of course, Cuba’s been bending over backwards for capitalism in recently, condoning the free enterprise system for years. Perhaps the threat of reduced American investments looms large over these nations?


  1. I too find it ironic that one of the largest Communist states would start to alow for public property. Doesn't that go against the whole idea of the State owning everything?

  2. Exactly. Actually, the Premier, Wen Jiabao, was quoted as saying that the country need to “keep in step” with captialism.

    It’s all about foreign investment.

     – Minh

  3. China should've given up "communism" a long time ago. It was doomed to failure when Lenin and Stalin decided to bend Marx's philosophy. The revolution was not meant to be in the first place. In order to acheive communism there has to be a worldwide revolution or a revolution of an industrially advanced nation. The USSR had neither of these. So stop tainting Marx's words by calling it communism. Maybe we should discuss a more up-to-date topic. Say.. Islamic fundamentalism in Iran.

  4. I use the term “communism” because it is the most recognized term for the type of government that was instituted in the USSR, China, Cuba, etc.

    Now, you mentioned Islamic fundamentalism. You and I both know that they are truly fundamentalist, so they’re not about to “bend over backwards.” Now, when they do, we’ll (hopefully) be living in a much more peaceful world.

     – Minh