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Minh Nguyễn
March 7th, 2004


Sneak behind the front lines

Did you know that Google’s testing a new design? They’re only letting random visitors see it, but you can see it anyways.

Drag this link (don’t click on it) to a convenient place – your Links Toolbar, Personal Toolbar, Favorites Bar, Bookmarks Sidebar, you get the idea – go to any of Google’s webpages, and click on the link.

The new design will stay with you until your cookie expires, but if you don’t like the new design – I’d agree with you – just click on the link again. It works as a toggle!

Thanks to Jesse Ruderman for creating the bookmarklet, and to Cheah Chu Yeow for pointing it out.


  1. Google’s test design is now the default. And just a few days old, Google Labs’s Personalized Web Search allows you to get rid of all those search results you’d never want to see.


  1. Here you find new screenshots + source code:


  2. Yes, and this site also has screenshots.

     – Minh

  3. Minh I am glad to see the new web site finally launched. I hope this comment works.

  4. It sure does. :^P

  5. Minger's website works!

  6. It sure does. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your comments, James. :^)