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Minh Nguyễn
March 31st, 2004


No longer the frontline

Google’s test design, the one that was previously accessed by random visitors only (although you could have easily become that random visitor), is now the default. (I was wondering why my father seemed to have used that bookmarklet last night.) The tabs are gone, Google Directory is out, and Froogle is in.

Also, just a few days old, Google Labs’s Personalized Web Search allows you to get rid of all those search results you’d never want to see. You know, those ones that advertise bogus pills and have titles in L33t? (You wouldn’t want those results, would you?)

Thanks to Cheah Chu Yeow for the heads-up.

Via Wired News, Google is also pre-alpha-testing a new free e-mail service that will allow its users to store up to 1 [whopping] GB of e-mails!

[April 1st, 2004] Google is also hiring for a research lab near you.