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Minh Nguyễn
September 30th, 2003
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[Update] The links leading to comments on this blog are no longer valid, due to a reinstallation of MT.

Blog spammers are becoming a real problem these days. I haven’t received too many thus far. Then again, I haven’t gotten too many comments of any nature thus far. People are running right and left, trying to figure out how to stop these guys. The best solution (besides mine, of course) is to filter the links that the spammers leave, thus undermining their purpose. In my commendable wisdom ;^), I have allowed for comments in this temporary blog, albeit unautomated. It’s done through e-mail. Now, providing links to your e-mail address is a sure-fire way to double or triple the spam contents of your Inbox; however, I hexadecimally encode the links. Thus, no spambot I am aware of can parse the links and use them to send me spam.

I have recently only received two comments, both through the archives of my automated blog. One was an inappropriate comment (which I had to tone down a bit — okay, I censored it to shreds), and one was actually constructive! I just had to commend that precious reader for his sanity.

May the aforementioned inappropriate comment be a precedent for my handling of all comments henceforth until the return of my automated blog.


  1. This site is finally getting comments again, but there’s a reason it’s so hard to tell. Plus: Why spam doesn’t show up around here.

  2. Minh’s Notes


    Think e-mail spam is bad? You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

  3. Tonight is a special night: I hereby commemorate the 20,000th comment ever posted at my weblog. And would you guess, it’s spam.