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Minh Nguyễn
January 3rd, 2003


Too Much Time

Yến, my cousin, says this to me:

You’ve got too much time on your hands if you’re talking about Google’s status on the stock markets on your “blog”… ;)

But we all should be worried. Because many of us have come to love the simplicity of Google’s website. We love how few advertisements are on their pages, and how the advertisements are so unintrusive. We love how Google does not give higher placement for money. But it won’t last long after Google gets publicly traded.

Google will become another Yahoo!, or worse yet, another Overture. Because shareholders will always want more growth and more money, and Google’s current practicies will not please them.

When that day comes, I’ll be looking at AllTheWeb. I wonder if Google will take notice.


  1. I feel completely ridiculous reading this little section that supposedly represents YOUR thoughts. I think we need to conduct some kinda DNA testing to verify the fact that we are, indeed, related. Cuz I don't believe it. ;)

    But anywho, yeah. I was just thinking there'd be like... ACTUAL viet stuff on the site, u know. Stuff I could read that didn't consist of English-written articles on the Viet language.

    Other than that, I bet all you Xavier kids are super-smart, huh? Remind me again... WHY am I in college??

  2. I like your relative Minger. She called me smart! To think! ME!? To bad I'm not smart enough to understand Vietnamese. Maybe I should try learning it. After Spanish, German, Japanese, and Vietnamese, I will know enough languages to rule the world!!!

    I just took a 6 hour trip in the car, I guess it shows in my writing.

     – Josh

  3. Hold on, Josh. Pat Mulvaney (from Pat’s Wisdom for Today) has already beaten you to that idea.