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Minh Nguyễn
December 5th, 2002
High School


Another Long Weekend?

Last week, we had a five-day Thanksgiving weekend. Today, it snowed. Around 2½″ of snow, and nearly every district in the Tri-State area closed. Even Loveland (my ride to school) and St. X (my school), both staunch supporters of having school as much as possible, closed. That’s gotta be a first. And I would’ve already had tomorrow off school, “in honor of Saint Francis Xavier”. So this is a four-day weekend, on top of last weekend. My point? Will I ever get back to school?


  1. Yes, the old design is once again up, this time for the Walk for X 2003.


  1. Brandon Dodd

    Man, the same though was going through my head today...you are so lucky to have so many days off school...I hate school I mean HATE it. Ok, keep in touch :)

     – Brandon