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Minh Nguyễn
October 105+5 , 2003
High School


Walk for X 2003

Yes, the old design is once again up, this time for the Walk for X 2003. The Walk is yet another excuse to call off class at St. Xavier Occasional High.

I usually keep track of my time on the Walk, but I forgot today. We started at around nine, so I’ll estimate that it took me 1½ hours to walk/jog the Walk.

I didn’t collect too much for this sponsored marathon, but I figure that I made up for it in advance during my freshman year, when I collected enough to get a commemorative T-shirt, but didn’t get it. (I saved the school a few cents, didn’t I?)

As is custom, I will bring the TempBlog back when I get home.

And, a word to the wise: walk, don’t skate. Climbing stairs (for a pedestrian bridge) and getting through a grass path really isn’t a good idea with skates on. Pat can attest to that.