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Minh Nguyễn
November 5th, 2002


The Ramblings of a Lunatic

Well, Harjus just can’t keep it up with the funny quotes. So I’ll just snatch some from Brad for awhile:

You know you’re obsessed with DDR when you look at a Scantron sheet and subconsiously fill in the steps to the butterfly.

Well, Harjus has some competition.

And for all you Ohio drivers out there:

You know you’re obsessed with web design when you look at an Ohio license plate and automagically think of a hexadecimal color code.

Well, I got the idea from Eric Meyer.


  1. W00t! I'm on MingerWeb! *snif* It has been my minute long dream!

    And no, I didn't do that. I just came up with the quote. And no, I'm not obsessed with DDR. I just play it. It is a fun game! Everyone should try it at least once.

  2. James Ficker


     – Godzilla